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“If I had to describe with one word Jerry Severa’s workmanship on building our house I would have to pick PRIDE. Pride in workmanship to me is what you do when nobody’s looking or “may not notice”. When the quality of what’s behind the wall is as important as what is on the wall. It is when you make choices with the understanding that at the end of the day, self respect and your reputation are what you walk away from the “job” with. That is Jerry. I’m sure others have described their builders as one who builds the house as if it was his own, but I want to emphasize this by adding that Jerry also builds as if it were his measurement of success to his family. His heart is in it all the way. His attention to detail and his unwillingness to compromise on the quality of construction are what led us to CreekStone Custom Homes after we toured another home he built. The difference from other homes we had looked at was easily noticeable. From the time we first met him, before we even signed an agreement, until today (and assumedly for the future), Jerry displayed tremendous integrity. He worked closely with us every step along the way in helping us make the best decisions that suited our style and taste. He did this with open communication and a genuine concern to deliver a house that we would not only be happy with but one that would exceed our expectations. That we would be proud to call home. And that he did. I wholeheartedly recommend Jerry and CreekStone Custom Homes.”
Scott Allshouse, Arbor Green, Alpharetta, GA, View CreekStone Testimonials