CreekStone Custom Home’s Approach

Custom Home Builder, CreekStone Custom Home Approach, North Atlanta, GAOur approach to Custom Home construction focuses on making the home building experience enjoyable while achieving superior quality in all aspects of construction. We will guide you through custom home construction design and the building process with all the information required to make concise and informed decisions.


Our Custom Home Construction Process

CreekStone-Custom-Homes_Builder_Contractor_Alpharetta_Roswell_Milton_Johns-Creek_GA-200x200-68The construction of our architecturally, exceptional homes starts with developing a unified plan that encompasses the client’s vision. This dynamic plan defines the design and construction goals, parameters, expertise and talent. It involves seeing the big picture as well as having an eye for the finest details. “Quality Craftsmanship is in the Details” is our company motto which is our benchmark for building a home to last a lifetime. CreekStone’s breadth of knowledge, depth of skill and our comprehensive approach allow us to execute the most complex and sophisticated custom home construction project with confidence.


Dedicated Team

CreekStone-Custom-Homes_Builder_Contractor_Alpharetta_Roswell_Milton_Johns-Creek_GA-200x200-66With every custom home construction project, we build teams based on the vision and goals of the owners, architect and builder. As our clients’ dedicated contracting firm and builder we draw from a select group of professionals – carpenters, superintendents, and field staff – to form the core team. To that we add the required expertise of our considerable network of trusted vendors, suppliers and independent craftspeople.


Building a Strong Foundation

CreekStone-Custom-Homes_Builder_Contractor_Alpharetta_Roswell_Milton_Johns-Creek_GA-200x200-63CreekStone Custom Home’s involvement starts long before construction begins. Working with the client, architect and other members of the project team we look at preliminary plans and discuss the vision and objectives for each custom home construction project. By participating early in the design process, our vast knowledge and experience help lay a strong foundation for a successful project, including lot inspections, construction methods, materials research, resource allocation, process planning, pricing and scheduling.


Rigorous Construction Management

CreekStone-Custom-Homes_Builder_Contractor_Alpharetta_Roswell_Milton_Johns-Creek_GA-200x200-107Custom Home Construction management begins with budgeting and project scheduling. During the pre-construction phase we develop the budgets, prepare schedules and evaluate design options with the owners so they can provide input and be prepared for the choices they need to make along the way. We provide assistance with material and design selections, budgeting and quality control. Our implementation procedures include daily on-site management, direct involvement from day one through delivery and quality control procedures. Clear and timely communication keeps the entire team well-informed throughout the process. This also ensures that everyone has the same expectations about the work and critical milestones ahead.


Continuing Support Beyond Delivery

CreekStone-Custom-Homes_Builder_Contractor_Alpharetta_Roswell_Milton_Johns-Creek_GA-200x200-98CreekStone Custom Homes has the honor of building many of North Atlanta’s most distinguished custom residences. Our experience has taught us that even the most finely crafted structures require regular maintenance. The CreekStone Residential Service Team provides the ready resources, craftsmanship and care required to preserve the architectural integrity and comfort of our client’s exceptional homes.

Our Process

Client Consultation
For a successful project, Jerry Severa, Owner/Contractor for CreekStone Custom Homes, will meet with you to discuss your vision, individual design/style preferences and to establish preliminary budgets. If you have already preselected an architect, we will gladly meet them to discuss your project objectives and budgets. Once your blueprints are completed, we will evaluate the drawings to insure that your design objectives and budgets are achieved.
Lot Development
We will inspect your prospective lot(s) for design and building considerations including: footprint placement of the home, driveway, pool etc. Our lot evaluations include considerations for view enhancement, erosion control, and low-impact site development and preparation practices that protect mature trees and help preserve the natural aesthetics of the landscape.
Construction Proposal
Once the final architectural plan (blueprints) and the desired lot has been selected, we will prepare a final proposal/contract for your approval to start construction.
Loan Approval & Permits
Loan approvals are secured and CreekStone Custom Homes purchases required building permits.
Pre-Construction Meetings
Jerry Severa, Owner/Contractor for CreekStone Custom Homes, will meet with you to review the construction process on site to discuss construction requirements, answer questions and review scheduling. We will review each component of the plan with you to insure that you understand each step of the building process.
Foundation & Site Development
Your lot is cleared and the home footprint is staked by our surveyor. Foundation forms are poured.
Construction & Project Management
We pride ourselves in keeping you informed throughout the construction phase so you are aware of construction progress at all times. Some conversations may simply be by phone or we will meet with you on site to review specific items in progress. On site meetings include, but are not limited to, site layout, framing, electrical, exterior finishes, cabinet installation and hard surfaces meetings.
Delivery & Post Construction
After the final inspection and delivery of your finished home, our post construction procedures include 30- and 90-day follow-ups, an 11-month final inspection, and punch-list management. It is our goal to insure that you are 100% satisfied with your CreekStone Custom Home!

What Our Clients Say

“If I had to describe with one word Jerry Severa’s workmanship on building our house I would have to pick PRIDE. Pride in workmanship to me is what you do when nobody’s looking or “may not notice”. When the quality of what’s behind the wall is as important as what is on the wall. It is when you make choices with the understanding that at the end of the day, self respect and your reputation are what you walk away from the “job” with. That is Jerry. I’m sure others have described their builders as one who builds the house as if it was his own, but I want to emphasize this by adding that Jerry also builds as if it were his measurement of success to his family. His heart is in it all the way. His attention to detail and his unwillingness to compromise on the quality of construction are what led us to CreekStone Custom Homes after we toured another home he built. The difference from other homes we had looked at was easily noticeable. From the time we first met him, before we even signed an agreement, until today (and assumedly for the future), Jerry displayed tremendous integrity….”
Scott Allshouse, Arbor Green, Alpharetta, GA, View CreekStone Testimonials
“When we considered building a custom home, we interviewed five builders.  It turned out that Jerry did some work for one of my colleagues who spoke very highly of the quality of work performed.  We were also impressed with Jerry’s portfolio of work and consistent theme in the testimonials regarding quality, pride, and service.  The choice was easy.  In the concept stage, Jerry quickly arranged architectural design through his designer to meet all of our special needs (including an indoor pool/spa) and the quotation process went smoothly.  We set a schedule that met our relocation demands and engaged in a contract.  Jerry’s track record is strong and his financial standing is excellent.  Although our bank had not worked with Jerry in the past, there were no roadblocks in securing the financing.  As construction began, we quickly picked up on Jerry’s strength…”
Gail and Pat DeLuca, Arbor Green, Alpharetta, GA, View CreekStone Testimonials
“It is without reservation that I recommend CreekStone Custom Homes. I have known Jerry Severa over seven years. He built the home which I reside in today. He did such a great job I hired him a few years later to finish our basement. Jerry is honest, hardworking, dependable and completely trustworthy. Jerry quickly responds to any questions or concerns and I have always found his work to be consistent and detail oriented. The next time we build a home or do any renovations, CreekStone Custom Homes will be doing the job.”
Kevin & Sonya Harrison, Alpharetta, GA, View CreekStone Testimonials
“As you know I met with 3 different contractors to communicate my vision for our basement. I have no experience in construction so I had to explain my vision in very conceptual terms with no real technical guidance. After having these series of meetings Karin and I decided that you were the right man for the job. Your industry knowledge, passion for your work and detailed proposal was the reason we believed we made the right decision with CreekStone Custom Homes. Throughout the process you were great to work with and delivered everything and then some from what you outlined in your proposal. Jerry, I really appreciate your working with us and your constant communication throughout the process made us feel very comfortable that you had everything under control…”
Robert & Karin Cizek, The Manor, Alpharetta, GA, View CreekStone Testimonials
“I had the opportunity of getting to know Jerry Severa during the construction of my home. From the very beginning, Jerry’s quiet confidence and determination in getting the job done for us, instilled confidence that we were in capable hands. He has a terrific eye for detail. His honest and direct approach, plain and candid response gave us total peace of mind. We were confident that whatever the issue may be, he would resolve it correctly and in the time frame he said. With Jerry, I never felt the need to have anything written down, I never felt the need to “protect” myself. In the end it is simple…Jerry does exactly what he says, every time. He tells you straight, every time….”
Joe Cerniglia, Alpharetta, GA, View CreekStone Testimonials
“My husband and I purchased our first new home from CreekStone Custom Homes and are thrilled with their superior customer service and construction. In today’s market, we’ve heard so many heart breaking stories of builders who disappear and who don’t follow through with their promises which made us very skeptical of purchasing a new home. Jerry Severa, Owner/Contractor, for CreekStone Custom Homes is truly the exception to the rule, he is the epitome of home builders! He is a true man of integrity who really cares about the Home Owner even after the initial purchase!…”
Brenda & Tod Baker, Arbor Green, Alpharetta, GA, View CreekStone Testimonials
“I can not say enough positive things about Jerry Severa’s workmanship as a home builder or basement re-modeler! I have had the pleasure of knowing Jerry for over 8 years. He has worked on several projects for me over the years and his workmanship and business ethics is above all the rest. His attention to detail, quality of trades, communication with the customers, honesty and integrity sets him apart from any other builder or contractor around. As a result, the homes he builds or basements he remodels are absolutely beautiful! Anyone can rest assured that Jerry stands by his product and the satisfaction of his customers are his number one priority. His is simply the best!”
Rose M. Winiarczyk, Alpharetta, GA, View CreekStone Testimonials
“We could not possibly be more pleased with our experience with Jerry Severa and CreekStone Custom Homes. We recommend him and his organization without reservation, and we hope to build with him again in the future.  Jerry and his team operate with the highest degree of integrity, and the level of craftsmanship is second to none.  Our experience with Jerry is testimony to the fact that he builds as if he is building a home for his own family — there are no shortcuts in integrity, quality, or communication — all of which are vital to the building process.  And the commitment doesn’t stop there: after being in our home for several months and encountering a few follow-up needs, Jerry has always been immediate in his response and resolution…”
Stuart & Chaz Easterly, Legacy Village, Roswell, Georgia, View CreekStone Testimonials

Unique Hands-On Approach

At CreekStone Custom Homes, we believe that “Quality Craftsmanship is in the Details.” We believe so strongly in this philosophy, that Jerry Severa, Owner and Master Builder,  uses a “Hands-On” approach for every custom home we build.  While most builders delegate critical work to design teams and foremen, we are present at the home sites daily in order to work with our team and tradesmen ensuring quality control.


Quality Craftsmanship

CreekStone Custom Homes are designed and built with the highest level of architectural talent, personalized service and top-of-the-line building materials. You’ll notice our innovative designs are elegant and stylish, yet comfortable and functional. We aim to exceed your expectations every time!


Craftsman Inspired

Our craftsman-inspired philosophy is what distinguishes a CreekStone Custom Home. We cater to the individual needs of our clients and consistently produce a higher quality home for their investment.

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